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Perfect Lighting

The right lighting gives life to a home, especially during these cold winter months. Choosing warm tones of lighting for your home will create a cosy ambiance with a welcoming effect. In essence how we light up a space relates directly to how we perceive this space.  The three "must-haves"of house lights are: Accent, ambient and task. The accent light showcases specific objects such as art, bookcases and architectural features. The ambient light provides even, overall illumination to a room. The task light illuminates a specific area used for performing a task. Most importantly lights are a design element as well, decorative and an eye catching design feature for the home. Birba has selected some inspirational images to show where lighting plays a very important role, the perfect finishing touch in decorating a space....

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Pet Furniture

Let’s face it, we all love our pets! Even though they can get our blood boiling with their mischievous ways, the team here at Birba believes that no house is a home without our cherished furry companions. As much as we adore our friends, pet furniture seems to always have the same look and feel; the fluffy and quirky, multi-coloured beds, bowls and containers – not really adding much dimension to your living space. We’ve been craving some inspiration for pet furniture (beds, scratch posts, food bowls) that is useful and comfortable for our fluffy critters, but can also compliment and even add to the house decor. Luckily, it seems more and more people have noticed this gap in the...

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Home Office

With the increase of people working from home, we are getting more focus on beautiful and practical home offices where we can be inspired and work comfortably without many distractions. The ideal is to have a room exclusively dedicated for the office but for the smaller homes the space can be organized in a corridor, corner or any room with some space available such as the living room or bedroom. For the home office to be functional is important to have a desk, drawers (specially for the smaller spaces), filling space and of course enough space for a computer or laptop. Things must be easily accessible and practical. The area must have very good illumination and preferably a window for natural light. The...

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We LOVE Fiberglass

The Zenith Plastic Company and the Herman Miller Company, created its first Eames chair and the first fiberglass chair in late 1949’s.The very first piece of furniture made from fiberglass.  It was the most influential designs of the 1950’s. It won a prize at the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Project and made fiberglass popular. In 1989 the fiberglass was replaced with plastic. Due to its aesthetically pleasing and functional characteristics, in 2003, fiberglass was again used. The Eames chair is now in its original form and bringing the amazing material back into the spotlight. The creation of the Eames chair opened a whole new opportunity for the furniture industry to create new designs. And although that material was fell...

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Bar Cart Obsession

At Birba we are fervent lovers of vintage décor & love a touch of mixing vintage inspired pieces to a contemporary space.... As of late we are utterly fixated with one piece in particular: the bar cart! A popular mid-century piece that is claiming back the limelight as a much desired unit & personally we cannot wait to get our hands on it! Not just an essential design unit… a beautification piece! Let your imagination run wild creating your unique look with arrangements of ceramics, flowers, vases, books etc and most importantly thé drinks cabinet. Here a selection of pieces that has inspired us & keep an eye out for the Birba design! Cheers!!

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